Behind the Screen or Camera?

Out of all of our assignments I have never been worried or nervous about one but when we received the video assignment, my anxiety latched on tight until it was finished. We all use our phones and other devices every day for almost everything we do, and it’s always with us when we’re not actually on it. I hardly ever take videos unless it’s on Snapchat or at a concert, so I was especially nervous when I found out we had to edit it. Long story short, it ended up not being as bad as I thought it would be and I picked up on some differences between video and text.

When writing in text it is difficult to get your exact emphasis, feelings, and tone into what you’re writing because there’s always the possibility someone isn’t going to read it in the same way you intended. With video, you can change your voice, use mannerisms, facial expressions, etc. to more specifically portray what you mean/want to say. However, along with using your face I can see the possibility of some people limiting themselves to what they post. I know when trying to think of an idea one of the questions in my head was, “what can I do that won’t look stupid or make me look stupid?” When you’re writing behind a screen I think it can be a little easier to express yourself and feelings in the sense that people aren’t actually watching your face.

But then there were the videos that people just did a voice over and didn’t have their face in it at all, which I honestly never thought about but was a good idea. For these videos instead of just writing about a point, you can share pictures, videos, etc. from other people so you’re not just saying but showing the point you are trying to make.  The combination of music, voice, and visuals forces you to view the information differently than when reading words inside your head. Overall, I think it depends on the topic and what the author is comfortable with doing in order to get the best post because they both have positive and negative qualities.


Author: Sara Reuschling

I am an English major with a minor in Sociology at the University of Delaware. The aim of this account is to learn as much as possible about the ever-growing changes in the world with an open mind and connect the information to my life experiences, especially regarding technology and digital rhetoric.

2 thoughts on “Behind the Screen or Camera?”

  1. I definitely agree with your response. I was very nervous to make a video which is why I didn’t actually have myself acting in it but even doing a voiceover was nerve-wracking. I agree that with video tone is much more evident because of someone’s voice and mannerisms. Working with video allows for more expression.


  2. Sara, Any thoughts about what I might do in future years to lessen worries about “looking stupid” in video, or does that just come with the territory? Thanks for your candor! ~Joe


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