My Concept in 60

How To Build a Cootie Catcher


Author: Alexandra

I am a junior Psychology major with a Writing minor at University of Delaware.

4 thoughts on “My Concept in 60”

  1. I really like your video! This brings me back to my elementary school days, where kids would make these “fortune tellers” and walk around asking people to pink numbers, colors, etc. I was never able to make one, and I always wondered how they originated. Very nice!


  2. Wow I never thought I would ever see one of these again! I used to be so good at making them and used to make them for all my friends but I would have no idea where to start if I tried to make one today haha


  3. Alex, There’s something about you walking-and-talking and rushing to finish your thoughts about this nostalgic piece of kid-craft that is very haunting. I’m not exactly sure why, but it is. ~Joe


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