Concept in 60: How To Properly Watch A Movie At Home

Pulling up a stream online and sitting in a dark room with your ear buds in watching on your laptop? This is the WRONG way to watch a movie at home. Here, I illustrate the RIGHT way to watch you films in your living room.


Author: James K

My Life consists of the 5 F's: Family, Friends, Film, Football, and Food

4 thoughts on “Concept in 60: How To Properly Watch A Movie At Home”

  1. I really like how you did this! I remember when we were discussing Carr in class how you said you were a movie buff, so this is certainly an appropriate concept for you to have explained. I agree with you, too: the way you watch a movie and the environment in which you watch it can completely alter your experience.


  2. James, I really like your video! It was funny and entertaining. Also, I think you bring up an interesting idea of watching videos how they were intended to be watched. The typical movie theater experience is different than how people watch movies in their homes nowadays. Watching a movie at your desk with your headphones in creates an entirely different experience than sitting on a comfortable seat with snacks in hand and volume loud, so I think you did a great job of bringing these things together.


  3. I really enjoyed your concept and how playful your video was! Your concept brought up a lot of thoughts on how to be fully in the moment and dedicated to watching a movie. I know for certain that if I’m in bed watching netflix from my laptop I find myself doing other things like going on my phone and I sometimes miss certain things. I really like how you addressed how there is a proper way to watch a movie.


  4. James, What I especially love about this is how you take what might seem a schoolmarmish concept (“don’t watch unauthroized videos!”), and turn it into a fun/fan thing. This is really a terrific piece. ~Joe


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