So, here’s my thing. Not an artistic masterpiece, but it took me hours to get it here and I am a little proud that I learned to use not one- but two, movie editors (sort of). Writing is important to me, even if most of the time it’s because I can complain about not being able to write.


Author: meligibs

I am an English Major because I enjoy reading and writing. I am considering a Minor in Museums Studies or in History because I like art, both looking at it and trying to make it, and learning about the past. Hope to use the skills I acquire here to become a published professional writer, like a novelist or to publicize exhibits

One thought on “Writing”

  1. Melinda, I really enjoyed this! Is there a bit of Fenton and Lee lurking behind your advice? I wonder if the University Writing Center would be interested in linking to this nice piece? ~Joe


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