Concept In 60

Here is my “Concept in 60” video. It’s no cinematic masterpiece, that’s for sure…and my concept is silly, but regardless, I hope you enjoy:


Author: Sam W

I am a Geography major and Writing minor at the University of Delaware. My primary interests are mapping, climatology, environmental and wildlife conservation, writing, reporting, and broadcasting. Using this blog, my goal is to write and publish insightful and thought provoking posts regarding digital rhetoric.

4 thoughts on “Concept In 60”

  1. I appreciate the silliness of your video! It made it fun and entertaining to watch. It also seems like you probably had a lot of fun making it. I like the concept too – it’s creative!


  2. Sam, Silly, yes—but at the risk of ruining the joke, I think there’s something else there as well. I’m intrigued by how how the performance of a “great entrance” belies the advice about how to do it. In the end, you seem to be saying, “cool guys are cool”, and that’s neither you or me. (But that’s okay, since you/we can also make videos like this.) Over-interpreting? ~Joe


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