Concept in 60

Here is a link to my Concept in 60 video: about why I, and everyone else that participates in UDance, dance!

My roommate told me I’m a “boring” narrator (unfortunately, she’s right) so here is what I’m saying in the video if you rather take over the narrator role yourself.  🙂

It’s time for the  best day of the school year.

It’s time to get to the Bob.

It’s time to dance.

For the next 12 hours we dance through our sore muscles and aching feet. We cut our hair, and we jump around and dance like fools. But it’s all for the kids.

Every school day 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. That’s 46 too many. It’s why I participate in UDance, the 12 hour dance marathon held at UD, so that one day soon, no child will have to hear those words.

I dance for 12 hours straight to raise awareness and funds for children and their families that are battling childhood cancer. I dance to support the Andrew McDonough B Positive Foundation. I dance for the kids. I dance for the 1.89 million dollars  we Univeristy of Delaware students raised to find a cure. I dance today to give the kids a tomorrow.
For a smile, for a life, for a cure. Why do you UDance?


Author: Molly O'Neill

I am an Organizational and Community Leadership major and a Writing minor at the University of Delaware. I am also a dedicated member of the DE Alpha chapter of Pi Beta Phi and the UD Equestrian Team.

3 thoughts on “Concept in 60”

  1. I didn’t think you were a boring narrator at all! I enjoyed your video and think that UDance is a great concept to explain. I understand that we as a school raised close to 2 million dollars this year, which is absolutely nuts. The best part about this is that this money is going to a great cause. Well done!


  2. I thought your video was very sweet and a great concept to explain! You explained the cause, how UD students come together and how much money was raised all the clips and your narration was tied together very nicely! I really enjoyed this – great job!


  3. Molly, I think this is a great video! Don’t you think UDance would like to ink to it from its website? If you don’t like your narration, have somebody else record the audio track over it! ~Joe


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