Writing: Tweeting boyd

In the next week or two, I’d like you to focus most of your creative energy on your Concept in 60 video. But I don’t want to lose track of danah boyd, whose It’s Complicated we all seem so far to have enjoyed reading and discussing.

And so, for your writing assignment this week, I’d like you to post at least five connected tweets that together form (or at least suggest) some sort of response to (or argument about) the second half of boyd’s book. You might want to quote, or summarize, or comment. or link to other relevant texts. I can also imagine two (or more) of you staging a kind of dialogue on Twitter about It’s Complicated, responding to each other’s tweets.

The form is open. Experiment. Have fun. My aim is to lighten your writing workload this week  a little bit (5 x 140 characters = 700 characters = maybe 150 total words?), while still asking you to continue to think seriously about boyd.

Please remember to use our class hashtage, #e397dr. And you might think about inviting danah boyd into the conversation. She tweets @zephoria.




Author: Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.

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