Class, Wed, 3/01

Media Feeds

Questions About Responses, Using Audio

danah boyd, It’s Complicated

Willow Brugh, Wikimedia Commons, 2014

In groups: Quickly develop a précis of the chapter you’ve been assigned. Be able to identify the following keywords and concepts.

  1. Identity: invisible audiences, identity performance, impression management
  2. Privacy: persistence of content, steganography, surveillance
  3. Addiction: limited freedom, sociality, agency

I’ll ask you to compare notes with the class as a whole.

To Do

  1. Thurs, 3/02, 10:00 am: Post your  first response to boyd.
  2. Fri, 3/03, class: Read and post comments on the pieces written by your group members. Please also read Chapter 2, pp. 11–25, of Fenton and Lee.
  3. Mon, 3/06, class: Finish reading It’s Complicated.
  4. Wed, 3/08, and Fri, 3/10: We will hold class in Room B of the Student Multimedia Resource Center in the basement of Morris Library.

Author: Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.

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