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Everyday it seems as if a new form of social media appears. It started with Facebook and then Twitter, then Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, etc. As more people join on to the social media movement, each form of social media tries to figure out ways to stream live newsfeed updates faster to their subscribers. But is faster always a good thing? In his book, Carr states “They’ve also placed a whole new emphasis on immediacy. A “status update” from a friend, co-worker, or favorite celebrity loses its currency within moments of being issued. To be up to date requires the continual monitoring of message alerts” (Carr 158). What Carr essentially is saying is that that as live update streaming becomes faster, people tend to care less about the updates they receive because there will always be a new form of news coming in the next seconds that could be or is already more interesting then the prior news.

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As a user of pretty much every form of social media, I would have to agree with Carr on the idea that status updates tend to lose their “currency” because of how everyone wants everything to be faster. I will be on Twitter and as I scroll through the millions of tweets that appear, I become less interested in what people have to post for two reasons actually: One, like Carr said, social media update streaming has become so fast that everyone has the opportunity to constantly refresh their feeds and new updates or news will appear in micro-seconds, causing users to careless about some of the other updates. The second reason is having the power to instantly update your friends, family, acquaintances, or whoever else can tend to lead to a person abusing their social media privileges because there are always those people who need to send updates of every aspect of their lives whether its eating a bowl of cereal or jumping out of a plane, those people still exist and the immediacy of social media updating causes other users to care less and less about what those people have to post because they post so often.

In the end, social media is always going to exist (except for Vine, that kind of disappeared out of nowhere) and people are always going to figure out ways to improve it, it just depends on how each company goes about when it comes to making their subscriber’s social media experience the best.


Author: Jay B

I'm a junior at the University of Delaware majoring in english and playing on the club lacrosse team

4 thoughts on “Social Media Streaming”

  1. It definitely does feel like a new form of social media is appearing every day – and it’s overwhelming. I can also relate to becoming disinterested in a news feed quickly, because with the power of posting comes trivial tweets, messages and posts as well. Over-stimulation actually causes boredom. I’m really interested in why we have responded and encouraged social media so greatly as a society. What does this say about humans? Why do we feel the need to stay current in an ever-changing world? I think we were not always this way, but the Net and technology has definitely influenced our thoughts and desires.

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  2. There are so many different social media sites and apps. There is always something new coming out. I remember when I had Myspace, now I have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Yik Yak, etc. I started off having one type of social media, and now I have more than 5. Social media grows so fast. I always have new updates coming to these apps and I have to adapt to their changes.

    Yes, Vine “disappeared.” Im pretty sure Twitter bought them, but now something else will come out. There will always be something new, and it is never ending.

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  3. It’s crazy how quickly social media changes, becomes updated, and even disappears. I like that you questioned whether faster is always better because nowadays people have become so impatient while using the internet and give up if it does not work instantly. I guess because of our impatience the forms of social media that are too slow for our needs will have to speed up or they will lose users over time.


  4. Yea social media is a crazy idea. in 10 or 20 years who knows whats going to be available to us and our kids and as technology gets better and people get smarter, social media will probably get even faster unless people start to think that faster is not always better.


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