Measure and Calculate

The idea that Carr talks about starting on page 44 is one of the most interesting to me. He talks about how, using technology as our tools, we “seek to expand our power and control over our circumstances.” As he continues on to classify them into four major parts, it is interesting how spot-on he is about how technology is simply human attempts at gaining control over nature, over each other, and over a thousand different things that we don’t SEE technology as, but it truly is this attempt to gain control.
Apart from Carr’s example of a fighter jet as an example of physical control (fighter jets are awesome), I believe the fourth technological classification category to be the most applicable to me as a business student. Carr notes that they can be referred to as “intellectual technologies.” A map or a clock would be examples of this category of technology. These are technologies we use to classify information, form ideas about certain things based on data and numbers. My laptop and the internet are examples of this technology as well because it expands my mental capacity and my ability to support my mind.
I found it very interesting that I don’t really stop and think about how much we calculate things – especially as a business student – and how I less often think about how someone had to “think up” a way to calculate this or that. How primitive certain calculations must have been thousand of years ago. How did we move from that to calculus, finite math, physics? Who was the first one to think of certain accounting principles for businesses? It’s insane to think about how much we calculate and try to understand things with research and data, but yet we don’t stop and think about how those calculations came to be. And how certain calculations at certain speeds weren’t available in the near past. How many math equations were done at <a href=””>NASA</a&gt; by hand before computer technology was really advanced?
Don’t get me wrong – I believe that the other categories of technology are important; extending our physical strength, extending the range of our senses, and reshaping nature to fit our needs are all important. I just thought that the technology that allows us to measure and calculate things and support our mental powers were more applicable to me as a business major. With all the calculations I do for classes, I don’t know where I’d be without technology helping me.

Author: Jake B

I am an Economics student with an interest in writing, business, and how the economies of the world work. Whether the problems are in labor markets, policy issues, or small business, I am ripe to learn about anything and everything that may affect change in these interests.

4 thoughts on “Measure and Calculate”

  1. I find your questions about the development of mathematics really interesting. I’ve never thought of that, and calculations are one of our biggest needs for technology.


  2. I agree with you. How did we get to this point? We calculate so many things, and find answers and research but we don’t even think of how we got the answer sometimes. Math, science, and technology is something we need to appreciate more.


  3. We should definitely appreciate our abilities with technology more and what technology affords us the capability to accomplish. I personally hope things get even easier as technology progresses – as a business major, things getting easier means things are more efficient – I don’t think it will make people lazier, it will simply give them more time to pursue other things. Perhaps invent an even better technology?


  4. This was really specific, which I liked because it really felt like you put a lot of thought into it. Do you think that the four technologies are interlocked, like you need to have things that extend range of senses to develop the things that help with calculations.


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