Class, Wed, 2/15

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Carr, The Shallows

In groups: Read and talk about the passages from Carr that each of you tweeted about. Pick one that you’d like to discuss with the whole class. Remember that you have a response to Carr due tomorrow. See if you can identify a moment in his book that might spark some writing!

To Do

  1. Thurs, 2/16, 10:00 am: Post your first response to Carr to this site.
  2. Fri, 2/17, class: Read and write a brief comment on the posts from each member of your group. You’ll discuss each other’s writing in class.
  3. Fri, 2/17, 11:59 pm: Make at least two posts to our media feeds.
  4. Mon, 2/20, class: Read as much of Carr as you can. Also read Fenton and Lee to p.9. Think about how you might use their advice in your writing for this course.

Author: Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.

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