Writing: First Response to Carr

Nicholas Carr

Please read the first six chapters (up to p. 114) of Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows. Then write a brief response  (say, about 400 words or so) in which you connect you relate some aspect of your own experiences as a user of the internet and social media to what Carr has to say.

I have one hint and one requirement:

  • The hint: Don’t try to respond to the broad sweep of Carr’s argument. Pick a particular point that he makes that you feel you can respond to in a specific, detailed, and compelling (perhaps unexpected) way. You may want to begin with the passage you tweeted for class on Wed, 2/15. Remember that you are one of 24 people responding to this text. You want to say something different from the other 23.
  • The requirement: You must include a hyperlink to another text in your response. I am asking you to draw on your experiences in responding to Carr, but those experiences involving interacting with other texts. I want you to link, meaningfully, to at least one of them.

A note on style: I’m asking for your response to Carr. So you should feel free to write in a personal and informal voice. At the same time, though, I expect you to be professional: to show that you’ve read Carr closely, to carefully edit your prose, and to submit your writing on time.

I will also ask you to read and comment on the responses posted by five of your classmates. We’ll talk more about how I’d like you to do so in class on Wednesday, but you should plan now set aside about an hour on Tbursday for this work.


Please post your response to this site by Thurs, 2/16, at 10:00 AM. Use Carr and your Group as your categories, and come up with at least three good tags for your post.


Author: Joe Harris

I teach composition, creative nonfiction, and digital writing at the University of Delaware.

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